Finally,AOKI SHINYA!!!

At His blog (in kamipro handiphone site),

he said

"Everyone,Please practice to sing "BAKA SURVIVOR "(it is AOKI's entrance song)!!!"

It means His fight coming sooooon!!!!!!!!........??? maybe.

You should train with this

and palody animation music clip

If you can use NIKONIKO DOUGA..........
AOKI's PRIDE debut entrance scene
( vs J.BlacK )


And Today,kamipro annnouce that latest article.
(official on sale is 11.16,but some bokkstore have been already on sale in TOKYO,maybe)

The biggest scoop of my magazine
"Formwe PRIDE staff finally stand up!!
12.31,big event in SAITAMA super arena!! big impact information!!"

AOKI SHINYA interview
"Come to SAITAMA in New year eve!! we will start revolution!! "

Fedor interview
"M-1 Global is open organization.I want fo fight in Japan again"

■本誌独占 超スクープ!!
やれんのか!? 旧PRIDEスタッフがついに決起!
12.31さいたまSAでビッグイベント開催へ!! 衝撃情報を徹底追跡!!

☆立ち上がれPRIDEファン! 青木真也、独占インタビュー!
「大晦日はさいたまに集合! みんなで一揆ですよ!!」

エメリヤーエンコ・ヒョードル インタビュー

now i know Google translation

Although i know,some fan look this blog through google translation|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8

This is good,especially some this blog's japanese button is translated in English.
and You dan check and compare my translation to auto translation

I recommend it,

and one more adivise,
My basic news source is
I think this is No,1 information site about japan MMA(i manage this site too)

If you read this blog with auto translation,
You maybe do not need "From SAMURAI nation" haha........Oh, this is sercret