AOKI Shinya talk about UFC 109(1)......AOKI agree John Fitch,gurad position is dead(about Nate vs Sonnen)

AOKI Shinya talk about UFC109....I will trenslate this column

I willpick up some UFC109 fights and tell you my opinion!!

1st,I will say about Nate vs Sonnen....
Sonnen is 33years old,24-10-1 record,This record is not special,but it is made by very tough fights.Nate is known as Pancrase fighter,and Knocked Demian Mia out.

Game is decided by Sonnen7s wrestling and pound,When Opponent do guard position,He make him lay again,and his elbow and pound began from it,this is severe,lock opponent,elbow!! this "LOCK AND ELBOW"is good,I learns from him this technic is difficult to notice,but I love it.

Sonnen controled Nate's leg joint(Ko-kansetsu),before he do pound,this is important point...Sonen become grinder, pound and pound,.,..and half position,back!!His back control skill is master class.And He trikes Twister in 2nd round,it is cool!!

this fight was Sonnen's oneside game.

I heard John Fitch said "The closed guard is dead in MMA(FightersOnly)" oh,yes,Yes,i agree!absolutely Yes!!

long time Closed guard means present my lose by Decision to opponent.If I am closed position,I have to recover quickly.
pressure of sweep & submission.....but it is prolog of can I stand again from guard? it is united technic of submission,sweep,and stand.....We need groud technic to stand again.Do you know it?..........Sorry I can not explain it perfectly,,,it....I want to say"MMA IS MMA."MMA is not "striking + Ground" ,it is called as MMA!!





試合のほうはソネンのレスリングとパウンドが冴える。技術的にはクローズガードからの相手をしっかりと寝かせてのパウンドとヒジが素晴らしい。抑えてヒジ! 抑えた手でヒジの組み合わせは勉強になる! そしてあのわかりにくい技術が大好きなんだよね。