AKIYAMA Yoshihiro talks(in January magazine)

(he train in USA,this interveiw is in USA)

"last year,I fought only one match, it is not happy.but I could do good train ,got married and open my gym...great year"

Q:you now,choice "Extreme Couture"as train place,Why?
"there are many big guy and good fighters.I want to go there again"

Q:please tell me youre remark about Randy Gym.
"F.Griffin,he is speedy fighter and powerful,..great,And I tarain with Randy too,it is terrible if I am 100% serious,In japan,We often save power when faceold fighter...but I could not do it, against Randy!! He is role model for us....and We can do only training...In Japan,We can not do only training We have to other some business...."

Q:USA has many many race and ethnic,You are Korean-japanese,USA society is maybe no stress....
"Yes,Yes,USA people make fair and flat society "

Q:By the way,You met UFC Dana White and Rorenzo?
"sometimes,They are farank. and have hospitality"

Q;USA society is simple and frank...
"it is clear YES or NO,,,,but Japan society is delicate and correct it is good too,...Best society is 50:50 USA:JAPAN,hahahaha"

Q:oh,about Japan...How about NY eve "Dynamite!"?
"I also fight there,,,for example,pre-fight promotion video is excitin!!"

Q:but In pre-fight video,You are estimated as badguy fighter...
"Haha,Yes,I was heelfighter in pre-fight video,but it is not bad,,,now, I think, maybe I am now outsider of Japan MMA,so I can see Japan MMA with cool eyes"

Q:I think,Your fight in japan is "NOT competition(it means vs kickboxer,prowrestler,rookey etc,AKIYAMA often fight them)",but in UFC,You have to do real competition...like vs Aran Velcher...in this fight ,Your fighing spirit was great

"In japan,too I can do such fight,matchmake is not so....This is defference between USA matchmake and JPN matchmake "

Q:Can you say "NO" to matchmake offer
"yes,I can reject NO....UFC negotiation is YES or NO,simple,They offer Aran Velcher,"WHO?" ...but He defeat Dennis Kang,Anser time is hort,I said "YES"."

Q:Aran kicked you,You are injury,but JUDO takedown in 3R,Your Judo carrer helped you
"This take down was big for decidion...JUDO is Useful in UFC..many fighter do not know it..This is my weapon"

Q:And you now train high kick from shortrange
"this is pressure to opponent,I can try judo takedown,and high kick from same distance now"

Q:OK,please tell me 2010 plan...You are said vs Wandarei Silva,but it change to SILVA vs Vispin..what did you think?
"To say the truth,I thought UFC never do such a thing....I thounk"It is like japanese promotion!! my motivation is alling down,it was true""
(This interview is before UFC 110)

Q:"UFC too!!"....you think so.
"yes,and i said to Dana and Rorenzo directly...I was schoked,but They are schoked to my message,They confirm it,and apologozed me...and explain their plan..they asked me somethig to care you?....i hoped "I want to other fight ,I hope only to fight winner of Silva vs Vispin""

Q I heard that UFC offered you vs Demian Maia.....

Q:Did you want to fight him,AKIYAMA vs Grappler,it is goodmatch
"In this situation,I do not want..If I has no offer about Wandaei,I accept Demian,but I want to finish wandarei..Korean fan also hope it"

Q:You hope Silva win?
"yes,Japan fan and Korea fan hope it,Vispin is strong too,but he is popular in USA and UK"

Q:If you defeat Silva or Vispin,Next is titlematch?
"No,many monsters there...Demian,,Sonnenm...Sonen defeat OKAMI.it is incredible! there are such tough guys"

Q:youre body is little in among such mossters.you can fight in Welter?
"many many men said to me"how about welter?"..But weightcontrola and diet is enough!! too much..in my Judo carrer...middle weight class is no stress to me.this is 100% performance.......but,now,really many men adivise me about welterclass change"

Q:When do you fight to winner of Silva vs Vispin?
"April or may..."

Q:but,Winner also have interval,..April??

Q:To say the truth,I am interested in you from vs Arran Velcher(It means"your fight in japan MMA was nonsense").I hope youre next good fight.good luck!!
""From vs Velcher?...too late!! hahaha