DREAM 2012 NY eve event summary FAQ (from 10.25 press conference)

Q:What Event title?------"DREAM 18 NYeve special 2012"

Q:Who make this event? ----------Executive Committee

Q:Where?-----------SAITAMA Super Arena(of course!!)

Q:Is this final event of DREAM?-------No,in 2012,they will do aout 10 event(MMA & Kickboxing)

Q:Will SASAHARA continue RE president?--------No,REAL entertainment company is end,SASAHARA become one of the PR man after it

Q:Who is New Owner?.............GSI(Glory Sports international),this chairman is Pierre Andurand

Q:what about DREAM brand who is the new owner?-----Yes,DREAM brand will continue.press ask SASAHARA," NY eve is special,but in this year,DREAM number series? " SASAHARA answer"It means DREAM will be continue...so This event is "

Q: and Kawajiri will clash for the title?--------No release about card...and In 3men interview,TAKAYA vs KAWAJIRI....mmmmm???? I guess,If NY eve is final event,KAWAJIRI vs TAKAYA is done as memorial,But when DREAM continue,KAWAJIRI,and TAKAYA should face invader from other contry,..office will matchmake Japanese vs other country....

Q: DREAM will make the tournaments outside of Japan?-----No release about it....Generally Speaking,although they have a plan like this ,this announcement will be After this event ...in 2013.