In NewYear eve SAITAMA arena is "Hustle and MMA"?

Sanspo site report,Pro-wrestling event "Hustle" hold a big ebvent in newyear eve SAITAMA Super arena(...this was PRIDE home arena...).

And,Hustle and Former PRIDE staff(include DEEP promositon) plans MMA event too,Hustle and old PRIDE team shakehands,For example,Noon event is Hustle,Night event is MMA...?

it is not so natural,because as you know,Hustle is born from DSE(PRIDE)

"PRIDE is complete realfight,Hustle is complete fantasy...We can do two defferent business",

Now,Hustle keep big sponcer and TV network.DSE separated it bofore finish
But main hustle staff was old DSE staff,He has sympathy and riendship to PRIDE staff.

So this is not joke,
But time is too short........SAEKI DEEP president said "I do not know it"