Josh Barnett 30,000 words interview Summary..(from GONG Kakutougi, only about Metamoris)

In 2014,GONG Kakutougi Magazine No.273 has "Josh Barnet 30.000 word interview"

It is very interesting

Of course,Interview is in English, but article language is Japanese...
So,I can not translate all talk correctly,
But I want to make short summary For English Josh fan!

About METAMORIS vs Dean Lister

Q:Your entrance costume was classic robe.Did it mean respect to old pro-wrestler?
A:Yes, INOKI,Robinson,Gotch......Not only robe. Black trunks & shoes is also symbol of means "I am catch-wrestler",

Q:But If you have Shoes,Lister's heel hook will be dangerous...What is shoes merit?
A:1,it is guard from toe fracture like JJ vs Sonnen. 2,slip risk is down...I heel hook risk demelit? I can guard it,because I am also leglock master

Q:yes,it is right
A:But many jiu-jitsu fighter and mania mock me"It is crazy! Lister will catch his shoes,and tap him out"..but ,They said"Shoes are advantage!" after fight.... haha,at first ,at last....hahahaa

Q:And I am surprised at your side control,you press Lister,by your weight...Jiu-jitsu fighter's side position is knee down.but your leg is straight...You press opponent?

A:Yes! my side control is different from by weight,and by elbow or arm born....I give under position's opponent pain and stress...So He lose gas!

Q:you control Lister's face by it catch skill?
A:Neck control prevent him from doing bridgemove,and hinder is his damage too.

Q:You said"Ji-jitsu is gentle art,Catch is violent art"... and I feel, it is "Violent science"
A:It is not my creative skill,it is from ancient PANCRASION and common sense...which do You choice opponent do 100% breathing or 80% breathing? it is clear!

Q:but, weight moving control Technique is not easy,How do you learn it?
A:Judo,Wrestling,Eric Peron gym...but,I continue study and thinking...For example,I saw my top wrist lock teaching video at 5 years ago,,,,but it was too bad!! I can teach much better technique than 5 years ago...It means I am developing now, my evolution top wrist lock is stronger than vs E.Alexander.

(Josh teach his technique to interviewer, top wrist lock,double wrist lock,Achilles tendon is called "BORN TO BORN")

Q: one more question,at vs Lister,You did not grape vine, you use "RIDE".why
A:RIDE has free move choice....and I use my weight by press,and born to born skill....opponent lose stamina,and hurt his body.

Q:and finish at METAMORIS fight ,,, You use scarfhold...but this poition is very rare in high lever grappling
A:Do you know Why scarf hold is rare case? because jiu-ijitsu men abandon it,it is not for scarf hold....

Q:Ryron & Rener talks in "Gracie breakdowwn" youtube, "scarf hold is only bigman movie..."

A:i do not agree it.I think Helio Gracie technique is not standard.bacause Master Helio is little guy.So His technique is for littleguy.but other Gracie is big and athletic.They are very is called "Waza ha tikara no uchi ni ari(技は力の内にあり)...Power is base of technique "
and, They forget scarf hold's power,this position has Energy Drain...some jiu-jitsu master said to me.
"I can escape from your scarf hold"
I do it,He try try,and try...finally,he escape from it.
but ouch.........ouch.........worn out he weakly crouched down.but ,my stamina lose is zero! If I do scarf hold again,can he escape again?

Q:Why can you discover such a skill? I wonder,jiu-jitsu is done by millions player,but catch wrestling is not so.only few people's skill. it a mistery
A:There are many techniques in the world,but principle is simple...We have to understand it. and technique is only technique... Do not respect too much,and Do not abandon it quickly